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How To Post Dropz Remotely Through the DropzApp WebApp

Firstly, to use our remote posting you have to create a page on DropzApp.

Check out our post on creating a page on DropzApp ->

Now that you have created your DropzApp Page let’s get started.

1. You can only use this feature on our WebApp on your computer. The feature is not available on your mobile device.

2. Now go to our website and click WebApp in the menu.

3. This will open the WebApp page and click Log In in the menu bar

4. Log in to the Web App using the same login you used when you signed up to DropzApp on your mobile.

5. This brings you to your profile page on our Web App. To the right you will see a menu – Click My Pages.

6. Now you’ll see the pages that you created on your mobile app. Then on the page you want to add a Drop to click DROPS.

7. Here you will see all your Dropz on that page. To create a NEW DROP click NEW DROP.

8. This opens the NEW DROP window.

a. Name your Drop

b. Then move the map till the little + sign, which IS hard to see (see red arrow), is over the location where you want to Drop your Dropz.

TOP TIP 1 – Magnify the map to precisely place your drop.

TOP TIP 2 Switch the MAP view to SATELLITE ( Second Image) and move the MAP until the + is where you think people passing will walk.

c. Now you can add an image – but not necessary – so that when you share your drop to other social media the image will be shared in the link.

d. Then finally upload your recording.

Press SAVE.

And the start again to upload another Drop.

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Tips & Tricks

Your Guide to Creating Great Audio Tours & Dropz

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How you create your drops will have an immense impact in how you will interact an engage with your followers.

Become a great Dropper®

Below we give you our to 10 tips to creating great audio content.

  1. Prepare your content in advance.

    There are three ways to approach creating
    your Drop. If you’re drop is for your friends then just let your thoughts and observations flow. If you are creating Dropz for the general public and you have a good knowledge of the location we suggest making some notes in advance to guide your description just like you would if you were making a speech of a presentation and then let your story flow, guided by your notes. If you feel less confident then write out in advance your script. Speak it aloud and edit it to help it flow.
  2. Tell a story

    Everyone loves a great story.
    Have a beginning, middle and end to your story. Keep is concise. You don’t have to tell the full 500 year history of your landmark in one Drop. You can break stories into several Dropz focusing on different topics. For example one Drop can describe your landmark’s architecture. Another can tell a historical fact. Another can describe a previous owner with another Drop, perhaps, describing how your landmark fits into the culture of the area. If your landmark hosts events keep one Drop up to date with up and coming activities (remember to delete out dated Dropz to reduce clutter) See here – How to manage your Dropz
  3. Create a great headline

    Start each public Drop with a headline that captures your listeners attention. If you’re creating your Dropz in advance and using our WebApp to upload them then think about adding sound effects.
  1. Speak directly to your followers as if they are staning right in front of you.

  2. Add emotion to your Drop
    Rehearse your content so you can deliver with confidence.
    If you are adding a Drop on the fly just let it flow. First take is usually the best.
  3. Take your time
    Let your content do the talking

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Download dropzApp from the Google Play Store
FREE – No In App Purchases

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